Brand Partnerships supporting the efforts against COVID-19

Our MD Mark Stevenson celebrates some of the collaborations making a difference to our lives and businesses during this pandemic.

The pandemic has impacted our personal and professional lives and clearly it is not business as usual for brands and organisations. We have been thrust into a period of anxiety and uncertainty, but one small positive from this terrible situation has been the widespread coming together to solve challenges, with rapid innovation and efficiencies, as organisations are focused on doing good in the crisis rather than on commercial gain. Processes which would have usually taken weeks or even months, are being fast tracked as immediate action is needed and organisations are harnessing the power of both a collaborative approach and action.


Partnership and collaboration is at the heart of our business and we wanted to celebrate some of the collaborations making a difference to our lives and businesses during this pandemic:


  • Supporting the efforts against COVID-19:


Manufacturers across many industries have responded to the government’s call for support with the likes of Jaguar Land Rover adapting kit used for making car parts, to create PPE for NHS staff.[1]


Dyson teamed up with the Technology Partnership, a Cambridge-based melting pot of scientists and innovators, to create an entirely new ventilator within 30 days; mercifully they are not now required in the UK, but it’s good to know that they are there, for either the UK or other countries if required.[2]


It has been inspiring to see the empathetic responses to the pandemic from brands and businesses across the board, from fashion brands such as Barbour producing protective gowns for medical workers to help fill the PPE shortage and BrewDog manufacturing hand sanitiser in response to the national shortage.


  • Supporting those impacted:


Pepsi in collaboration with Global Citizen hosted Together At Home, a virtual concert to highlight healthcare workers and amplify the efforts of organisations providing aid to those impacted by the crisis.


The lock-down has had a sudden and crippling impact on the economy, particularly for smaller and independent businesses as well as on specific sectors. Some brands and organisations are stepping forward to offer their support. Bacardi’s ‘Raise Your Spirits’ campaign is providing relief to bars and restaurants debilitated by shutdowns and as part of this, they are supporting independent bars to continue to earn money through delivering cocktails via Deliveroo.[3]


  • Helping combat the effect of lockdown:


There is currently much narrative on how isolation and the impact on our daily routines caused by the ongoing lockdown, affects our physical and mental wellbeing. Brands are responding to this by finding new ways to keep people connected and engaged:


Nike has supported government and healthcare messaging with a digital campaign encouraging people to stay healthy and connected while at home and offered its Nike exercise app free for 90 days.[4]


In response to sporting tournaments being widely postponed Electronic Arts in collaboration with FIFA launched a Stay and Play Cup virtual tournament to bring the global football community together.


The lock-down has also meant that technology is playing an ever growing and extremely vital role in all our lives, allowing us to stay connected to family, friends and indeed work colleagues. For some this has created a steep learning curve and BT & ITV have collaborated to create a series of videos and guides to help people learn about different technologies with tips from celebrities such as Clare Balding, David Walliams and Fearne Cotton. This collaboration is providing the knowledge and skills necessary to help keep people connected.[5]


We want to help make a difference to your business:


At Cherry London, we believe that the way through this situation is with a collaborative mindset. For brands and businesses, the right partnership could be your secret weapon to reach a marketing objective, providing a lower cost way to broaden your reach and grow your business.


In these unparalleled circumstances it may also be time to consider your competition as your allies. At Cherry London we harness the power of collaboration and we used this approach to create The WealthiHer Network which brings together competitors from the world of finance to work in partnership to drive positive change in the finance industry. Sometimes to affect change we need to be brave, have vision and be bold enough to try a new approach.


In the spirit of collaboration and in some small way – doing our bit in the combined efforts against COVID-19, we want to open our Cherry London red book of contacts. With over 5,000+ brand relationships we want to offer a free one-hour, no obligation partnership consultation, to help businesses and brands survive, recover and hopefully prosper in the future. We might be able to help you connect the dots, whether that’s some advice on how to leverage a partnership to get your business/product out there or if you’d like some practical help with a specific partnership please drop us an email at to arrange your free one-hour chat.[6]


Wishing everyone well and please stay safe.



Mark Stevenson








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by Mark Stevenson

Managing Director of Cherry London