The brief

Priority is O2’s customer reward programme, excelling at driving loyalty in an increasingly competitive market. Cherry was tasked to develop a strategy and partnerships programme across big customer passions, and one that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

Creating the extraordinary together

Priority was founded on the simple insight that customers want to feel that they are a ‘priority’. Since 2011, we have helped O2 to make every day extraordinary for their customers, providing access to the things they love through powerful brand partnerships. Whether that’s a free weekly drink at Caffé Nero, early access to blockbuster films and games or the chance to design a dream holiday, there is something for everyone. Cherry has brokered over 1000 high-fame partnerships for O2 including: M&S, Lionsgate, ASOS, Benefit, John Lewis and Call of Duty.

The success story

The UK’s best long-term marketing strategy.

Millions of new customers acquired who spend more and stay longer.



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