Is there a business case for industry awards?

Tamara Gillan, our Cherry London CEO and Co-Founder of The WealthiHer Network has been shortlisted for The Disruptor Award by Women In Finance Awards

Industry awards offer exposure and recognition; they can lead to new business opportunities yet the case for entering awards can be a divisive topic.

Some argue that awards can actually have a negative impact, with the ambition for an award taking greater priority than delivering the best solution for the client’s brief. Are awards simply for vanity? Do they actually add value for businesses? Or are they just an excuse for a black tie event?

Personally, I believe that awards do deliver value. An award can give a competitive edge; it signals to others that you are a contender by publicly recognising your results. Having recently Co-Founded the WealthiHer Network I really appreciate the endorsement from an industry body such as ‘Women In Finance Awards’ who have shortlisted me in The Disruptor category.

The WealthiHer Network is a group of change agents from the world of finance, who have come together to drive positive change, championing female investors, entrepreneurs, and clients and celebrating the diversity of women’s wealth. This nomination validates the work we have been doing and encourages us to keep on challenging the norms of the financial industry. Driving us forwards with our overall goal to change the face of the wealth management industry for future generations of women – for the benefit of everyone.

Awards ceremonies also present a networking opportunity. During the interviews for ‘The WealthiHer Network Report 2019: Understanding the Diversity of Women’s Wealth’ the power of female networks was a recurrent theme. Women want to connect with each other and share experiences. Awards create such an opportunity, bringing people across the industry together to appreciate the breadth work and results being achieved.

It’s a platform for businesses to showcase their work but it’s also a chance for individuals from within those organisations to step forward and receive their recognition. As a CEO I am immensely proud when the wonderful people in my business are recognised. Recently, the brilliant Cressida Stewart of Cherry London was nominated for a ‘Rising Star’ award by ‘We Are The City.’ Even being shortlisted for an award like this will improve career progression not only because others will think more of the individual but because they’ll think more of themselves. Yes, it gives recognition but it also drives ambition, to do better to try harder and this motivation can only return positive results. This is the kind of talent I want to surround myself with in order to achieve the best results for my clients.

Call me an optimist but any chance to celebrate the collaboration between the client and agency team is a moment that I’d rather not miss.  Over the years Cherry London has won a huge number of awards for ground breaking and collaborative work with clients such as O2 and Jade for HSBC, and most recently the 2018 DMA silver for Best Loyalty programme or CRM for the NBrown brand Simply Be. These awards are important as they recognise the partnership between Cherry London and our clients and the impact of our joint efforts to deliver successful results.

At Cherry London we have a strategic approach when responding to client briefs, so an award is a lovely cherry on top but finding the right solution to the brief will always lead our work.

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by Tamara Gillan

Tamara Gillan, our Cherry London CEO and Co-Founder of The WealthiHer Network has been shortlisted for The Disruptor Award by Women In Finance Awards.