We are making it an International Women’s Year

Last Thursday, our CEO and founder, Tamara Gillan kicked off our International Year of Women with an inspiring Wonder Women event in support of mothers2mothers.

Hosted by Tamara Gillan, CEO of Cherry London and Lisa Smosarski, Editor-in-Chief of Stylist Panellists included: Rochelle Humes, television and radio host, Tanya Joseph, Creator of ‘This Girl Can’ campaign & Vice Chair of the Fawcett Society, Samantha Bond, actress and mothers2mothers Patron, Emma France, Global Development & Strategic Engagement Director at mothers2mothers, Sonoo Singh, Associate Editor of The Drum, Athena Stevens, spokesperson for the Women’s Equality Party, Gemma Mason, Head of Customer Experience and PR – Superdrug

Our aim was to start a discussion, share stories, and turn talk into positive progress. And talk we did! From the panelists themselves through to the energy-filled conversations in the room, with the realisation that we do have the power to enable and influence significant change through our clients, our partners, in our organisations and through our influence in media and culture.

As Tamara said, ‘the marketing industry has the power to make significant impact and change if we work together, to create positive images through communication that will help break stereotypes’.

Much to our delight, the conversation didn’t stop at the event, but it continued in both the press and on social media, and our aim is to keep the topic live all year round.

The thought I took home with me and have carried ever since was from Athena Stevens, Women’s Equality Party spokesperson who said that ‘we all need back-up, men included’.

As we say at Cherry London ‘Together we’re stronger’.


by Nicole Rodriguez

Nicole Rodriguez, Managing Partner at Cherry London

Nicole is a client service expert with experience in the UK and US, leading brands including N Brown Group, Rakuten TV, Dugout, Sony, Vodafone, 21st Century Fox, Disney and Coca-Cola.