#SheStartedItLIVE: A Festival of Women

In case you missed it Account Director Katie Moss has the highlights from the #SheStartedItLIVE conference which included the panel featuring Cherry London CEO Tamara Gillan.

As we arrived in Marylebone’s Home Grown Private Members club we realised that this conference wasn’t like all the others. Throughout the day there was an emphasis on the importance of making good choices for your wellbeing and your success; from the positive start with delicious breakfast by Rude Health, alcohol-free spritz in the afternoon to the mindfulness exercise by Nicky Clinch at the end of the day.


The impressive line up of speakers included entrepreneurs, founders, authors, psychologists, and business coaches. They included Rachel Carrell Founder & CEO of Koru Kids, which matches parents with flexible childcare to fill the after-school gap; Kathryn Tyler, Co-Founder of Digital Mums; former Great British Bake Off contestant and Psychologist Kimberley Wilson and Tobi Oredein Founder of Black Ballad, the lifestyle platform seen through the eyes of black British women.


The day was cram-packed with smart, savvy and leading women in their fields and their transparency and honesty felt refreshing.


Here are some of my highlights from the day:


  • “The only thing we can control in our lives is how we respond.” From Ruth Kudzi, business mentor and mindset coach


  • “Use other people as inspiration not ammunition against yourself.” From Ruth Kudzi, business mentor and mindset coach


  • “Bias exists, it is changing. This is the time right now to be a female founder.” From Pip Jamieson, Founder of The Dots


  • Sharoo Izadi, author and behavioural change specialist taught us about The Kindness Method: “When you feel good you can do difficult things.”


  • “Know your purpose and let everyone know it.” Danielle Newnham founder of F equals


Our CEO Tamara Gillan was on a fabulous panel ‘Personal Finance 101: how to get savvy about spending, saving and salaries’ with Emilie Bellet, Founder of Vestpod and author of ‘You’re Not Broke You’re Pre Rich,’ Felicity Hannah, Consumer Affairs Journalist, and Iona Bain, of the Young Money Blog. The panel addressed the need to champion change in terms of our confidence & our relationship with money; it was dynamic and fun with brutally honest anecdotes from all.


  • “Women are better investors than men with 1% more return than men.” Emilie Bellet


  • “We define ourselves as good or bad with money. But we are all complicated.” Felicity Hannah


  • Iona Bain shared her dismay with the hectoring tone and judgment filled approach to money, which is entirely unhelpful, as we all need to have a constructive relationship with it.


  • Tamara Gillan, CEO of Cherry London advised women to “Be brave” as we are more likely to undervalue ourselves.


The overriding message of this panel was that it is within all of us to have the power to transform our personal finances by taking control and trusting ourselves. Money advice has been gendered for too long but the people on this panel are changing this. It made me proud to work on The WealthiHer Network, another force for change bettering the confidence and experience of wealth for women.



Angelica Malin and the About Time team created an environment, which felt, positive and transformational. We all left buzzing with inspiration (and of course excited to check out the goodie bags!) So if you’re looking for some inspiration check out the next event from the team at About Time, I can’t recommend the experience enough.

by Katie Moss

Account Director