The WealthiHer Network launches on International Women’s Day


This International Women’s Day we’ve got behind 2019’s Better for Balance theme, by launching The WealthiHer Network, which brings together 10 of the UK’s leading financial institutions to work collaboratively for the first time to champion female investors, entrepreneurs and clients.

Women’s wealth is the biggest emerging, yet unserved market. Money and financial success is not something that women talk about, often lacking confidence in doing so. Their diverse stories of success are not championed. We are going to change that. So this month, I want to take a moment to celebrate all the amazing things that women are doing and achieving.

Our story began with the wonderful Lauren von Stackleburg, who has been an agent for diversity in the financial sector for over a decade. She and I have co-founded the Network with ten leading organisations from the world of finance to champion the world’s biggest and most important emerging market – women.

It is a fabulous fact that economists are predicting that by 2025 over 60 per cent of the UK’s wealth will be held by women. Yet the financial industries remain more an industry for men; particularly from the outside.  Our intent is that women will be better understood, accepted and catered for and in so doing supported to protect and grow their wealth.

Research, carried out by the world’s leading marketing research and consulting company Kantar, commissioned by the WeathiHer Network and released today, highlights some fascinating difference in attitudes to wealth between men and women:

  • Women are over a third less likely than men to set financial wealth as their main goal
  • 83 per cent of women say the main reason for wanting to be wealthy is to provide for their family
  • Women are half as likely as men to take risks to maximize financial returns

The WealthiHer Network founding partners include ten leading organisations from the world of finance: Barclays Private Bank; Brewin Dolphin; Brown Advisory; C5 Capital; Chubb; Close Brothers, HSBC Private Bank; Investec Private Bank; J.P. Morgan; and Julius Baer.  Together they recognise that for women, money is not just an end but a means to an end, and when it comes to investing, whilst financial performance is important, personal goals are paramount, including creating better opportunities for the people we care about and promoting positive social change.

Women are a force to be reckoned with. They see the opportunities wealth creates for independence, the people they care about, the next generation, and for the benefit of everyone.  But their diverse stories of success are not championed. We are going to change that.

by Tamara Gillan

CEO and Founder, Cherry London