Winning hearts through understanding passions.

Customer engagement, customer acquisition, customer loyalty, driving advocacy…wherever you are on the journey, the meaning of true engagement is that you haven’t just driven a response, you’ve created an emotion.

We believe that if you only have a conversation about yourself, that makes you a terribly dull person. And the same goes for brands. Find a way to engage with what your customers are interested in, and a more meaningful exchange will follow.

To create passion for your brand, discover what they are passionate about themselves. We combine our client’s data sources, with digital and social insight, to prove what your specific group of customers is genuinely interested in. And then we build on those insights to create more engaging ways of communicating with them.

Whether it’s through creating a new loyalty programme, building a one moment in time campaign, or creating ongoing real-time surprise and delight based on what customers are talking about, we know that stimulating customer’s passions, creates a more emotional response, and a better return on investment.